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VCO est une collection d'oscillateurs pour synthés modulaires au format LADSPA.


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Version actuelle : 0.3.0 du 2004 04 12.
Norme : LADSPA.
Licence : GNU GPL.
Développeur : Fons Adriaensen.


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Citation :
Pulse-VCO : Anti-aliased dirac pulse oscillator (flat amplitude spectrum)
Saw-VCO : Anti-aliased sawtooth oscillator (1/F amplitude spectrum)
Rec-VCO : Anti-aliased square / rectange oscillator

All three oscillators are based on the same principle of using a precomputed interpolated dirac pulse. For the sawtooth and rectangular versions, the 'edge' is made by integrating the anti-aliased pulse.

Aliases should be below -80dB for fundamental frequencies below Fsamp / 6 (i.e. up to 8 kHz at Fsamp = 48 kHz). This frequency range includes the fundamental frequencies of all known musical instruments.

Alpha versions of this plugin were evaluated by Matthias Nagorni, who compared their outputs to the sounds produced by his Moog Voyager and Doepfer synthesisers. Matthias reported that the plugins sounded quite 'harsh' when compared to his analogue instruments. Comparing the spectra, it became clear that a mathematically 'exact' spectrum was not desirable from a musical point of view. For this reason, I added the lowpass filters.
The default setting (0.5) will give you a sawtooth that is identical to the output of the Moog Voyager.

The rectangulare VCO and and sync inputs are very much experimental at this stage. Feedback appreciated.



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