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[ABANDONNÉ] pulseaudio (+ Xvidcap)

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Hier, notre fille était en concert et je voulais l'enregistrer. Ce fut une catastrophe...

comme je pense qu'un live CD bien réglé me permettrait d'éviter, si cela se représente, et je l'espère (mais pour le concert d'hier, c'est foutu et irrécupérable, à moins qu'une autre famille de musicien ait réussi elle, et le fasse savoir et accepte d'en tirer une CD pour d'autres, ce qui n'est sans doute pas légal, d'ailleurs, même si cela reste purement privé, en raison des copyrights et me des droits personnels autres participants, musiciens, chanteurs et spectateurs, et, quels spectateurs, il s'agissait du concert d'entrée du G20 avec une tribune élitaire constituée des plus grandes personnalités du monde, j'ai aussi demandé de l'aide sur le forum de Puppy Linux (sous-division logiciels supplémentaires, rubrique multimedia), où il y a quelques personnes bien calées, et au moins un musicien qui est parallèlement l'un des programmeurs du monde Puppy les plus doués et, bien que devenu plus tranquille, fut l'un des plus actifs. Si mon appel au secours arrive à le motiver, il est très compétant, car il gère une version très spéciale de Puppy, son T.O.P.L.E.S.S., qui est un live CD adaptable via un fichier de réglages avec des préréglages variables qu'il peut pousser encore plus loin, et il gère un dépôt d'applications adaptées à cet environnement spécial, de plutôt 400 ou 500 applications que moins, dont une version de pulseaudio et xvidcap (et de tas d'autres applications multi-média).

Exceptionnellement, donc, je m'adresse aux autres dans mon mauvais anglais et le reproduit ici car les francophones aussi peuvent s'entraider:


I did have yesterday an really important need to record the G20 concert in Hamburg, but not in Hamburg, because I am not there: from TV.

The concert did be sent as "Live Stream" with the G20 news. It was not known before. On no TV program announcement, because of secret, because it was probably not certain if all personalities would agree and appear (Mrs Putin for ex. did meet at the concert hall Elbphilarmonie after the conductor did start with playing), copyrights, live streams are sometimes excepted of them, etc.

For this reason I did begin to check and prepare my PC only really a few time before the begin.

I have actually a lot of Puppies on the HD as well as Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian 9.0.

No one did record correctly: sound alone was present :roll: and more video without sound often more :oops: ...

I did meet a lot of problems and a lot of deception (because bad preparation, ok, but in other matters the computer use happens spontaneous and directly! Why not in sound and music?

Problem No. 1:

(For me) the help in matter pulseaudio is very cryptic. Although the job is very easy

- connect the TV live stream (on a separate Seamonkey mini-window) with pulseaudio as sound source

- connect the Xvidcap recording software with it as pulseaudio sound destinaton

and start!

How to do that? Only that? I suppose 2 lines of CLI commands would be enough :x

Problem No. 2:

to do that, how to install Pulseaudio correctly :roll: .

how to install really correctly Pulseaudio? If I understand correctly the man page (my English is very bad! It can be the reason of bad comprehension) of Pulseaudio, it can happen directly in commando line with imperative other tools?

today, synaptic is not the best help any more, different as in the past, because some software have a terrible among of option (not sure? look at python please...) and, as first user, you have definitively not the knowledge to decide which ones, or, if not, why! Debian with the split collection of software parts for one job is now a time killer no. one! Puppy packages are often better: the are mostly containers for all that you need for a job!

Problem No. 3:

How to test after starting the recording? You are confronted with different sounds: The live stream and eventually the sound of mplayer (or other player you prefer! I prefer my old mplayer...).

Problem No. 4:

To do that, you will perhaps / probably try to open new app's / little windows for testing. As the window manager and different presettings decide where the will arrive on the screen, be afraid that some one will probably arrive on the window you are recording and be recorded if within the red surface select to record in Xvidcap: all that arrives into the video

Testing is a real problem because that the TV has to manage the sound dynamic and changes the sound level to adapt it to the small level of spoken voices at interview time and of great differences of music at concert time: If you use the level of sound at interview time, you will probably be highly desapointed by the level of running music at concert time!

Problem No. 5:

as well as black screens, more beautiful waiting screen decoration after divers time (and you have to be present to reactivate the screen, if your window manager and energy saving is not prepared adequate!)

Problem No. 6

the recording time was long (the full Beethoven's symphony No. 9 + about the same time to wait since the announced official time for the concert and the real begin: The big animals of our world was absolutely not at time!) and I did have a short application interruption... without to recognize that correctly at time (I was at the normal TV in the next room to see the concert in higher quality compared with Laptop!).

Problem No. 7

more problems are possible espec. because of No. 6:

if you record from microphone input (Puppy, usually, excepted if you did install correctly and start correctly Pulseaudio)

noice and mutual reaction of both (the live stream did arrive a few second after the TV sound probably because digital, data packages have to be sended, received and convert into analogic sounds, the TV I use is always analogic) as both can be listen by the microphone

Problem No. 8

after 1,8 GB, nothing more... the rest of the Concert is loose (starting at right time, it would be enough, but we did wait as long for the big animals as the symphonie time!)

Wow, I did learn a lot about live recording in this occasion...

Is somebody here able to explain how to remedy to the one or the other problem (in Puppy or Ubuntu/Debian/Slackware)?

This time, the occasion to record is away (and will probably never more appear in my life: No G20 any more will be invited to look the concert where our child is playing as instrumental solo virtuoso (the pretty girl playing bassoon for those seeing perhaps the concert in the news streams)! Play in front of all biggest animals of the world is a really exceptional matter (this time, she and we can only hope an other parent did have more success and did belong to make a good private recording. As they were more that 100 participants including singers etc. we can hope)! But in other cases also it would be, of course, really useful to be able to mastering the business of recording! Sometimes she plays solo chamber music. There are only 4..10 participants. But for us, parents, all video records are of course important (for reason of copyrights, it is usually not possible to get a great quantity of records. I have private records for the Maas from Bernstein, an exceptionally music work, greatest, with as major singer one of the men prefered by Bernstein itself, and a record of Verdi's fantastic (for bassoon people espec.!) Missa de requiem, made by a college from orchestra being not only musician but also sound engineer, good sound engineer are often also perfect musicians. But there are only 2 records (without video, only sound, but about perfect recording; TV capture is of course maximal because a professional sound engineer and professional videomen did prepare all the views) since our girl is adult! She is now 30 y. and play all the time in "A" orchestras, the top of German orchestra, Dusseldorf, Saarebruck and Hamburg since years now (Hamburg has 2 full professional orchestra, the National Orchestra of the Opera house and the Radio Orchestra. The Opera House from Hamburg is one of the 5 concert halls in Germany able to show the biggest classic operas and ballets, and having the machinery and stocks to present, if needing, each day a different opera, as terrible machinery and immense room for decoration and costumes are necessary. The Opera of Hamburg was initially an Opera architecture novation. The Concert Hall Elbphilarmonie now is also that in the field of concert halls. Normally it is the dedicated concert hall of the Radio orchestra. At official meetings, the National Orchestra, this year also for the burial of the chancellor Schmidt, where a lot of international personalities were present, takes the position)! Not really much...

As you see, a special Puppy live CD would be a great help for the mastering of such difficult jobs needing a really very special environment. The technical performance of RSH (RSH is musician as well as graphic specialist) 's TOPLESS or Lazy would probably help more as it use a special settings file to set up and change the settings before Puppy starts!

oui utilisateur non connecté
au fait, musique dans le monde francophone... Le monde musical de Sarrebruck, où notre fille a fait ses vrais débuts professionnels, un remplacement de congé de maternité longue durée à l'orchestre national (Sarrebruck avait encore, il y a quelques années un second orchestre professionnel, celui de la radio, mais on menaçait déjà de fusion, je ne sais où on en est), suite à une chaleureuse recommandation d'une musicienne de notre orchestre local à nous, elle fut donc invitée à postuler, et fut engagée, et fut, grâce à cela, invitée ensuite à Hambourg, pour un contrat illimité de soliste multi-poste, qu'elle assume depuis plusieurs années, a énormément gagné du référendum qui décida du rattachement de la Sarre à l'Allemagne: 2 orchestres, un conservatoir supérieur de musique, même si petit, il a existé tout ce temps là. Pourquoi est-ce possible en Allemagne? Aurait-ce été possible en restant une région française et une métropole régionale française?

olof utilisateur non connecté
serait il aussi possible d'enonczer tes problemes en français sur ce forum francophone ? personnellement je dois bien dire que si je suis obligé souvent de faire des recherches en anglais, je suis loin d'etre aussi reactif...

et dire exactement la démarche finale que tu veux reussir, parceque qu'il se peut que pulseaudio ne soit pas la solution la plus simple...

oui utilisateur non connecté
bonjour olof et merci de l'intérêt manifesté

en style télégraphique:

code pour connecter dans pulseaudio seamonkey (ou firefox) comme source
et xvidcap comme destination

que doit contenir une installation suffisante de pulseaudio

quand xvidcap enregistre, comment tester simultanément (= n'entendre que le test, mais pas perturber l'enregistrement)

éviter que ce que l'on bricole sur l'écran pour y arriver (fenêtres qui apparaissent et viennent masquer le secteur d'enregistrement définit pour et par xvidcap

idem les perturbations des automatismes d'économie d'énergie (écran noir, images d'attente)

l'enregistrement fut de longeur considérable vu l'imponctualité. au bout de la moitié, xvidcap a perdu patience et a débrayé. si tu ne t'en rends pas compte = pertes irremplaçables d'enregistrement

si on est forcé par les circonstances d'accepter l'enregistrement via le micro embarqué, comment réduire les bruits et réactions (j'ai regardé le concert en bonne qualité dans la pièce d'à côté: problème évident auquel on ne pense pas, le son n'est pas simultané, le son internet étant digitalisé (temps de digitalisation, de transmission par paquets digitaux, puis de remise en son analogique!). Si le micro capte du bruit provenant de la télé analogique considérablement plus rapide, quelle salade!

et au bout de 1,8 Go, plus rien, que dalle, n'a été enregistré. allez savoir pourquoi...

olof utilisateur non connecté
quelque chose m'etonne dans la configuration. Je ne connais pas bien le streaming video, mais je me demande d'ou vient la capture video/audio dans cette config ? webcam ? caméra ? micros ? comment l'ordinateur recupere t ' il tout ça ? comment le streaming est il envoyé ?
Je n'ai pas bien compris la démarche : s'agit il d'enregistrer un flux streaming reçu, ou d'envoyer une capture vidéo en streaming ?

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