Correction de bogues, support GCC 4 + traduction française :

  • Compiles with gcc 4.x now
  • Compiles against fox-1.6 (1.7 will come later since it's in flux)
  • Included a new French translation thanks to europee
  • Now cues can be added where the mouse cursor is by shift-left-clicking
  • Now cues can be added while palying at the current play position if 'c' is pressed
  • Fixes on 64-bit systems (hopefully, couldn't fully test myself)
  • Fixed some NLS issues
  • Fixed the simple volume control effect
  • Fixed various minor bugs

Le tarball :

NOTE à propos de la trad fr : sur un système UTF-8, je n'ai toujours pas réussi à faire afficher correctement les caractères. Si on lance un export LANG=fr_FR.iso-8859 puis rezound dans un terminal, Rezound apparaît en anglais.