* Fixed bug 1650953 - select and move segfault  (T356)
        - Symptom - In piano roll, select some notes and move them past the end of the part,
          then muse crashes. Also occurs when pasting or adding notes past part length.
        - Cause - Canvas was not adding the new resized part to the midi editor. Also a bunch
          of other stuff needed to be fixed for it all to work OK.
      * Fixed broken master list editor. Should also cure bug 1687166 (T356)
        - Symptom - Open master list and nothing is listed (should be at least one default
          tempo and one default time signature). Click to add new tempo or sig and muse crashes.
        - Cause - Some code was added to lmaster.cpp: LMaster::updateList() which broke it.
      * Added auto part resizing to drum canvas  (T356)
        - Symptom - In drums editor, there is no auto part resizing, like in piano roll.
        - Cause - Missing all part resizing code. Added.
      * Fixed intermittent crash when cutting a part. Improper 'delete while iterate' STL operation. (T356)
      * Fixed arranger part selection - selected parts now draw on top of non-selected parts. (T356)
      * Fixed arranger part operations (move etc.) to use selected part. (T356)
      * Fixed arranger keyboard left and right previous/next part selection. (T356)
        - Now you can use left/right arrow keys to cycle through parts in a track,
           expecially useful for overlapping parts!
      * Regarding part selection - A remaining problem is that there is no 'z-order' drawing
         scheme. The part item list has no such ordering support.
        - This means a selected part will (now) appear on top of others, but when unselected,
           it will not stay on top. Adding that support could be messy. 
        - Best to leave it alone for now. At least you can (now) cycle through overlapped parts...
      * Tested arranger part operations with worst case scenario - multiple tempo changes 
         and multiple parts. Test OK. All should be OK now. (T356)
      * Added tooltip to song length box in arranger with text 'song length in bars'. (T356)
      * Fixed wave editor - Black selection bar intermittent drawing. (T356)
        - Symptom - In wave editor selecting a portion of the wave caused intermittent drawing
          of the black selection bar.
        - Cause - Unsure of exact cause or a permanent cure, but it's better now.
          But it still draws intermittently if you zoom in (x magnify) very very close.
          Working on this issue.
      * Added feature - Wave editor now allows you to open multiple selected wave parts and
         will display only those parts and you can edit them. Tested wave editor 'functions'
         menu and it works OK on some or all selected portions of the multiple wave parts.
        - This is in preparation for a possible automation viewer and/or editor.
        - Work in progress. Some rough parts still to clean up. (T356)
      * Fixed intermittent arithmetic exception crash in wave viewer. (T356)
      * Fixed bad wave drawing above certain zoom level in wave editor. (T356)
      * Enabled serial numbers in my deltaTick2Frame and deltaFrame2Tick routines, and
         merged code. Makes it a bit faster. (T356)
08.16 * Reverted change in synth.cpp, realtime playback of softsynths did not work (rj)
      * fix for sustain pedal to work as suspected when looping. (rj)
      * Above involved adding "managed-controllers", whenever a controller is found
        time will tell if this is the right solution (rj)
      * Feature request: 1650957 space bar should start/stop playback fixed by
        adding this possiblity, old style is possible with property setting in
  configuration. (rj)
      * Fixed bug 1645575 - Eraser tool causes segfault in drum editor (T356)
      * Added the project AUTHORS        (whooo are you... who who...) (T356)
      * Fixes to remove lots of warnings and potential errors in the code (WillyFoobar)
        (rj by proxy)
      * Fix for bug #1074808 "NRPN - still 128 values?" from Sebastian Gutsfeld (rj)
      * Changed 'exit' to 'return' when plugins are invalid (rj)